HTC evo 4G android (dash)

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HTC evo 4G android

HTC EVO 4G Android Phone (Sprint) (Wi-fi Phone)
To give you the viewpoint that I am coming from, I am not a dedicated techie. I upgraded to the EVO from a Treo Centro (sorry Palm OS!). While I know what a Snapdragon processor is, my review won’t be on that stage of abilities. I would level my means to adapt to new technologies as reasonable-to-middling.

Listed here goes: The cellular phone alone is classy seeking. When off, it reminds me of the black stone monolith in 2001, A Space Odyssey. When on, the screen is bright, and has Incredibly sharp element (once more, I am coming from the viewpoint of my Centro). The pinch and unfold operate (to contract or unfold the picture on the screen) works extremely efficiently and consistently. The “flick” operate, employed to scroll as a result of applications, is fantastic, really don’t know how I did with out it right before. The screen is Quite delicate to touch, necessitating a little bit of acquiring employed to for an individual who does not count handbook dexterity among my property. While the cellular phone is significant (4.two inch screen)it is extremely slender, not significant, and I really don’t locate it cumbersome in the least. It is snug in the hand.

The digital camera: initial, it has two: the significant duty a single (8 megapixel) faces out the back again, a 1 megapixel on the keyboard facet. In a 4G place (I am not, nevertheless), this enables movie cellular phone phone calls, I am told. The digital camera has autofocus and a amazingly bright flash. Picture quality seems superior to extremely superior.

Audio: I am a little bit difficult of hearing, no difficulties at all with this cellular phone. The audio quality is the ideal I have ever had on a mobile cellular phone. EVO has extremely several buttons, but it does have a extremely easy to use up and down volume buttons on the upper left facet of the cellular phone, works good.

Keyboard. Perfectly, hmmm. My Centro had a handbook keyboard, and if there is anything at all that I really pass up with theEVO, it is real keys. While the virtual keyboard is Massive when the cellular phone is tilted to landscape manner, several functions on the cellular phone (like getting into contacts!) only allow the portrait keyboard for Qwerty. The cellular phone has three keyboards to pick out from, so if you happen to be a whiz with the regular mobile cellular phone keyboard that youngsters are miraculously superior at texting with, you can pick out that format. I am acquiring far better, but still quite a several errors in keying.


Pace: in a phrase: quickly. Incredibly small lag between functions, even when far more than a single operate is chugging along.

Voice recognition: the Google look for by voice is (for a beginner like me) nothing short of a miracle. Say “Quilt outlets”, and the cellular phone normally takes into account your GPS spot, in seconds a listing of quilt outlets (or Starbucks, or mountain biking trails)is at your disposal. SO great! The directory look for for cellular phone contacts by voice is a little bit far more hesitant, could stand some spiffing.

Apps: Holy Cow! All over again, I am a beginner, but the extremely precise GPS, in conjunction with amusement applications these as Yelp! and Flixter, is thoughts-boggling. Touch Flixter, and this extremely wise cellular phone right away (NO enter essential) provides up all theaters, movie occasions, trailers, Rotten Tomato ratings, AND, all the dining establishments in the place of your picked out movie, AND flip by flip instructions to the theater thanks to Google Maps. Generally, get off a plane any place in North The united states, you happen to be prepared to roll!

The GPS. Eerie, when put together with Google Maps. To navigate, you really don’t have to enter your setting up position, the cellular phone currently Knows where by you are. With a operate named “levels”, even though navigating from stage to stage you can integrate a satellite check out, giving you an awesome (and distracting!) check out of all the territory/buildings around you, for miles, dependent on the scale that you pick out. Get a (free) sports application, and the GPS/accelerometer kicks in to inform you particularly how considerably you have gone, maps the route you have taken, tells you how considerably elevation you have obtained (!), and how several calories (incorporating your fat) that you have burned. Crikey, what fun! I employed the GPS initial working day out with my EVO to locate a cafe, than employed the voice flip by flip (it does get in touch with out particular avenue names, not just “flip left” or “flip appropriate”). It was flawless, and Incredibly up to day with the latest development in the place.

WiFi, signed on to my residence community with out any trouble.

Ability to personalize: marvelous, several alternatives to “make it your possess”.

Synchronization with a number of functions: marvelous. No trouble setting up e-mail accounts (you Should have a Gmail account for entire operate). I calendar with the on-line Google calendar on my laptop computer, the transfer to my cellular phone calendar is automated and practically instantaneous.

Poor things: they lie if they say that acquiring all your Palm OS facts is heading to transfer properly. Argh. But I am acquiring it straightened out. In the “Someday” category: EVO does not support Netflix quick perform nevertheless, nor Hulu. I am a household doc, it DOES support Epocrates, an critical pharmacology facts base.

Battery lifetime: I am guessing 4 hours of continuous multi-use, way far better than that for discuss time only. This multi-operate micro-mainframe of an instrument has a number of draws on its battery: GPS, WiFi, AND, you can truly discuss on the issue.

So here is my bottom line: If they could give me an easier keyboard, or allow entire voice recognition (I use and love Dragon ten.1 at work), EVO and I would become soul mates. As it is, soon after about a working day and a 50 percent of adapting to a non-Palm OS method (I had a single of the first Palm Pilots), I can inform that a extended and fruitful friendship is in the generating with this solution. The leap from a semi-wise cellular phone, like the Palm Centro, to this a single is a quantum leap, not a simple improve. Devoid of exaggeration, I can say that the EVO will change the way I run on a working day to working day basis. I can also say that it is a whoppingly fun toy to perform with!

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