Nokia N95 8 GB – A Striking Handset With Fascinating Features

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Nokia is a famous name in the telecom industry. It has launched a range of striking handsets with wonderful features. These small and sleek gadgets are offering new technologies with high-end features.

The latest Nokia N95 8gb comes with a slide opening mechanism. The wide TFT screen and high camera resolution are some of the features that offer the user an enjoyable viewing experience. The 128 gm weight allows the user to carry the handset anywhere. The HSDPA offers high speed data transfer. The high quality connectivity features include EDGE, WLAN Wi-Fi and USB. The TFT screen offers an outstanding display.

The GPS navigation feature is helpful while traveling in various countries as it supports maps of more than one hundred countries. The impressive features of the handset include a Symbian operating system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, TV out, FM radio and lots more.

The Nokia N95 also brings some incredible smart phone features in a sleek device. Whether you are looking for excellent multimedia features or hi-tech smart phone features, the handset has it all. Keep rocking on the move with its amazing sound quality. The phone supports quad band feature that lets the user enjoy seamless connectivity.

The QuickOffice feature ensures that the user views his documents in a variety of formats like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. The huge storage space of 8 GB allows the user to easily save his essential files. The handset boasts of Personal Information Management features which includes contacts, calendars and to-do lists. The Nokia N95 lives upto the expectations of mobile users with its excellent music, games and connectivity options. The MP3 player lets the user enjoy his or her favourite songs on the move.

With 8GB of storage, the user would hardly feel the need for external memory. With the support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infra red Pop Port connection, USB cable connection, EDGE technology and WLAN, get fast speed data transfers. The handset makes multitasking easy with its state-of-the-art features. Get enticing contract phone deals along with this phone and get benefit from the special discounts and offers that come along.

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