iPhone 8 Is Expensive Because of Samsung!

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A new report has arrived from a reliable source that says that the next edition of the iPhone will be named iPhone X , iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Subscribe for daily smartphone news, leaks,…

22 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Is Expensive Because of Samsung!

  1. What a bullshit! Iphone has always been too expensive for the little it offers. Over the yrs we have not see anything invented by Apple but Samsung is the hard working company here from Oled to wireless charger. From curve display to iris scaner and from always on display to water resistance. And of course the s pen and all that the Note has brought to humans all as a result if samsung innovations. So I think samsung price is justified.

  2. It's apples fault not samsung. Apple knew how much it would cost to use the best of the best in the display department and did just that. They payed premium price for premium screens and it's their fault and problem not samsungs. 3d touch works just fine with amoleds so try that again as well as the fingerprint scanner under the display 'cause they did that too.

  3. samsung getting all this apple money and still can't stack up the note 8 with 4k, dual speakers, and more internal memory. greed is probably why the Notre 7 didn't work for them and more greed might bring more problems.

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