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Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the iPhone 8 Plus and how it was rated the best camera on a smartphone. We get interesting rumors of a possible HTC U11 Plus. We also discuss…

48 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus rated best camera, HTC U11 Plus rumors & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Obviously someone paid them to say that iPhone has the best camera but I could see it in your voice that word that just makes you say" really" because the note 8 is so bad ASS!!! I just don't get it

  2. One other thing to consider is that DXOMark hasn't even released the numbers for the Note 8 yet. Makes you kinda wonder if Apple threw them some extra cash to push these numbers out. Lol

  3. anyone who's up to speed with DxO knows their figures are skewed to shit, not just at the mobile evaluation level either. they're not an independent test body, they're consultants, a for-profit business who rely on getting paid by the manufacturers to 'beat' their competitors in the scoring system

  4. I couldn't agree more with dxo bout y Samsung rated 80+ y? Cuz all pics came from Samsung are fake too much saturation and over beautification process I tried s8 and yeah feels like my ugly f..ng face turns into Wow lol 😂

  5. I think my note 8 takes way better pictures then any of the iphone. I don't think the camera justifies pay 899 for a basic phone that doesn't do much which is the same phone as a iPhone 7

  6. "I don't understand how the Galaxy s8 is rated at 89" it might be because of the CRAZY over sharpening and crazy contrast and saturation, i get pretty much everyone likes that but at the end it hurts the camera quality

  7. The Jerry Rig tear down of the LG V30 convinced me that the best camera on any smartphone is the V30. DXO has been wrong about their scores more than they've been right.

  8. Loooool Android scores high on the DXO, everything is peachy, iPhone goes on top, people are saying it doesn’t matter… you can see with your eyes how much better the iPhone 8 camera is in nearly every way, the S8 went toe to toe with the iPhone 7 while the iPhone 8 eats it alive …. there is NO OTHER FANBOY group worse than android, they are contradicting, annoying, aggressive and stupid (and yes, you can have an android and be a nice person, but those who have to comment on every single video with hate about the iPhone even though it’s untrue, are not..) you’re embarrassing yourselves 😘😉

  9. Yeah the Note 8 definitely like all previous Galaxies as far back as the S6, continues to have the better overall camera compared to iPhones. This is to be expected though as the Galaxy uses a larger image sensor and has a wider aperture and far faster autofocus. Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus. The iphone's continue to suffer from low quality audio with the newest iPhone 8 and iPhone X as they both go into 2018 and can record only in mono sound too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwnSCjyhKuU

  10. Samsung cameras have wildly inaccurate colors. Check out @MKBHD blind camera test from earlier this year. It took some really nice pics but on at least half the shots on the S8, the subject was flat out the wrong color. The Google Pixel was the most consistent at the time, looks like apple topped it now.

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