iPhone 8/Plus Review: Should you wait for iPhone X?

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Taking the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for a test drive. https://9to5mac.com/2017/09/19/review-iphone-8-8-plus/ Subscribe β–» http://bit.ly/9to5YT ## Follow us http://twitter.com/9to5Mac/…

37 thoughts on “iPhone 8/Plus Review: Should you wait for iPhone X?

  1. Picked it up last week and love it! I like the familiar designs, with the amazing camera and wireless charging. The processor is super fast for daily use, and screams when your playing games! Got a $300 trade in for my iPhone 6, so it was an awesome deal.

  2. Took My 8 Plus Back & Exchanged It For The 8 And Bought The Series 3 With The Remaining 100$. Used To Buy The Plus For Bigger Battery, But The 8 Has Pretty Good Battery Life. Better Than The 7 For Sure

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  4. Life in the Apple distortion buble: every other glass backed phone…beautiful device but the back is a fingerprint magnet. Apple adds glass to phone back…it's stronger than Gorilla Glass 5 and no mention of any fingerprint issues? I get it, Apple has finally created fingerprint proof glass!

  5. If you have an iPhone 7/7+, I'd personally wait till the next year version. You only feel like upgrading because it's a brand new product and many people are talking about it. You realize it's more of a want than a need. Just keep your head down, keep doing you what you do, and before you know it you won't have the "want" anymore for the iPhone 8. And by that time, maybe the 9 (or whatever the next one is) comes out and that's when you deserve your upgrade. Always wait two years, minimum.

  6. Is there any way to sign out of iCloud without password
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    Now all I want is to sign out of icloud on my iPhone 6s.
    Can you consult me.

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