New iPhone 8, Apple TV and Apple Watch details from Apple leak (Apple Byte)

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Apple’s HomePod firmware is the gift that keeps on giving. We learn more details about the iPhone 8, a possible 4K Apple TV and an LTE Apple Watch. Subscribe to CNET:…

23 thoughts on “New iPhone 8, Apple TV and Apple Watch details from Apple leak (Apple Byte)

  1. Seems like they forgot the Atv4 already has the 4k hardware inside of it so what is probably being tested is software that enables it…just a hunch. Also it would be nice for a tech outlet to acknowledge there is NO SUCH THING AS WIRELESS CHARGING!!….yet at least. Please try to text or talk while charging at the same time on one of those “pucks”…cant bc the phone has to be in contact with a unit that has a WIRE! Lol. If apple adopts the same tech that already exist for “plugless”(lol) charging then that will be a huge disappointment…hopefully they can execute their patent for actual wireless charging…

  2. They should've discontinued the touch first……..then replace the current shuffle with one that has bluetooth and I guarantee it would be very popular among runners and walkers. Sometimes when you hit the road you don't want anything on you. No phone, apple watch, android wear etc….. You just want to be free.

  3. 4k camera, you realise this is Apple right … we will be lucky to get a 1080p screen upgrade on the 'Non plus' based iPhone model. 4k is completely pointless anyway on a screen of that size, Android purely only does it for bragging rights.

  4. To anyone still skeptical about Face ID:

    1) Apple’s implementation of facial recognition will use a 3D sensor that will be used to make a 3D depth map of your face. Which means a picture could not fool it. You’d have to have a perfect sculpture of someone’s head to try and fool it. And even then, the software is very likely to be able to tell if someone’s moving or not, meaning no dead sculpture will be able to fool it.

    2) One of the companies Apple’s bought over the last few years to work on facial recognition claimed its algorithm was so accurate it could tell twins apart way better than humans do. So an identical twin wouldn’t be able to fool it.

    3) Apple’s Face ID will use infrared sensors, which means it will be able to scan your face even in the dark. Also, no so-called ‘holographic’ display would be able to fool it, as infrared needs a hard surface that reflects light to work.

    4) As said in the video, one detail discovered in the leaked HomePod firmware points to Face ID being able to detect your face even when the iPhone is flat on a table, probably using some sort of wide angle lens.

    So, yes Face ID will be more secure than Touch ID, yes it’s going to be just as convenient, no you won’t be able to fool it, and no it has never been implemented so well before.
    Pretty much the only way to trick it is to be freaking Arya Stark.

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