iPhone 8 – 10th Anniversary Tribute

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iPhone Returns To Its Roots. The 10th Anniversary iPhone 8 Design Inspired By The First iPhone. Wireless Charging, A11, L Shaped Battery & More. Latest iPhone 8 Leaks: https://youtu.be/yf_CyfT1c0s.

50 thoughts on “iPhone 8 – 10th Anniversary Tribute

  1. i was about to cry when steve jobs says that i miss him he was awsome apple ruined everything if steve was still alive would apples ios be so flat different design NO steve was better he is right ios 6 should be ios 7 8 9 10 and 11 it should look like ios 6 5 4 3 2 and 1 i miss everything

  2. This iPhone should have been called the iPhone SJ.
    And THIS should have been the marketing slogan:
    From our heart, to your pocket.
    Here's to another 10 years.
    This one's for you Steve.
    iPhone SJ

  3. "this is a day I've been look forward for 2 and a halve years". "Every once in a while a new keyboard phone comes,that changes everything what we are gonna do is make a leap frog product". "That is smarter than any other device that has ever been"." Its super easy to use is what phone is years of research and developed  what were gonna do is get rid of all these buttons and just make a giant screen"." It ignores untended touches. Its super smart". "Boy, have we pated it. An iPhone software thats 5 years ahead on whats any other device". RIP Steve Jobs

  4. that is…surreal..sadly, Apple will never go for that, no matter how beautiful it is, because Apple never listens to its consumer's needs. (not since 2015 anyway.)

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