iPhone X + iPhone 8 Hands on!

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Apple iPhone X Review & iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus hands on coming soon! iPhone X or Note 8? https://youtu.be/hCKMLoDswF0 The iPhone X packs a 5.8″ OLED Display, A11 Bionic Processor, a Dual 12 megapixel…

42 thoughts on “iPhone X + iPhone 8 Hands on!

  1. looking at this is so disappointing. i haven't felt the need to upgrade since i got my iPhone 6 3 years ago. seems like they're taking the piss to me asking a grand for this.

  2. What people don’t realize, is that they didn’t skip the nine. The iPhone X is the TENTH anniversary edition, not the ten. So yes, they may still come out with the nine but the X is the not the 10.

  3. When the iPhone 4s came out I never thought it would ever cost less than £300, even after 10 years. You can now get it second hand for £35. I can't wait for the iPhone X to be seen as old fashioned or obsolete

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