Leaked iPhone 8 Software Features & Status Bar Layout!

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Bloomberg article – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-30/how-apple-plans-to-change-the-way-you-use-the-next-iphone Bloomberg has shared more details about the iPhone 8 ahead…

41 thoughts on “Leaked iPhone 8 Software Features & Status Bar Layout!

  1. Please make the Siri button the new home button.. it would make the most sense. Tap on it once, you feel the click and you exit the app/wake phone. Press and hold triggers siri. Quick double tap opens app switcher. Maybe some new gestures but I like the home button. It's too iconic to apple

  2. I REALLY don't like them adding an extra tap to get into the control center. That was part of the point of turning the CC back into ONE page and not multiple. Ugh. I hope not

  3. We could have gotten to the App Switcher by 3D Force Touching the side of your screen. Oh wait, they got rid of that with iOS 11…. LAME!! That’s how I always switched before I started running the beta.

  4. It's funny how everybody theorized that the virtual home button would initially be a contextual version of embedded Touch ID. However, Apple seems to have flipped that rumor on its head by completely ditching Touch ID and making the "ear cutouts" at the top of the screen completely contextual and apparent. I definitely like that look as opposed to Apple just blacking the top bezel out permanently, making it look like a cheap Chinese knockoff.

  5. The sliding up thingy wouldn't happen in my opinion. Apple changed the control center into one page to make it easier to access, and having to slide and manually tap on the control center will remove the whole point of them doing that

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