Oppo F5 Vs iPhone 8 Plus Speed Test

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46 thoughts on “Oppo F5 Vs iPhone 8 Plus Speed Test

  1. The device does not support device encryption, what a shame! Cant be used as a BYOD enrolled work device. Wondering if the ROM can be changed to install a different version of Android that supports device encryption…

  2. Iphone user ako before. Pero dahil nauso ang oppo dito sa pinas nag try ako mag oppo. Kapag kase naranasan mong mag iphone at magpalit ka ng brand dun mo lang talaga malalaman ang pagkakaiba nila. Iphone pa din talaga walang makakatalo. Camera nalang sulit na ang pera mo!

  3. if your into brand names and your fucking desires to be ,,, say into fashion fad or whatever because they say apple is leading duh why not make a phone not going to be out of style or used it until you die so people not worrying next episode of new phone

  4. A fake test? Why you focus the camera to become 8 plus sucks while you focus the camera to the oppo f5 in a better shot.

    This is fake I have 8 plus and this is fucking fake……..

  5. Who dafuq need a good front facing camera (iphone can record 4k 60fps) oppo is an awful company,samsung and apple is better (oppo smartphone cant even play graphic intensive games or other cpu and gpu hungry games)

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