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We all know Apple Iphone  6 is one of the best out there when it comes to functions but now when it comes to price!

In order to enter and win iphone 6s you need to fill out short survey which is later used for sending offers and freebies from apple.

Ive stumbled upon one site which has facebook, twitter , google plus pages looks legit and has https protection whioch means is protected from stealing data and such informations. That means you are safe to use it and fill out your data!

When i researched about this particular website i was convinced that i should participate in order to get free iphone 6s ,ive entered details ,fill out survey and got message which says i need to fill out my shipping details which i did but didnt get iphone ! Then a friend of mine tried same thing for couple of times to enter application and fill out survey and he called me saying he got iphone 6s for free on the site which i recommended him! I was pissed off and tried couple more times because i was figuring that maybe every 5 th person gets iphone something like that…

Well i tried and tried got me like 15 minutes of work filled 5 times their offer and after 24 hours got mail that i was seleceted to win a brand new Iphone 6s so i filled my address and waited to get my Iphone 6s.

After 2 weeks i got it!!!

I was amazed with it and cant imagine that im selected to get one!

Well after a week of using it they send me message that i should submit my review and i gave 5 stars because who wouldnt for free iphone!Well all my congratulations to this site and i want to put link for others to test it!

You dont have anything to lose just try! And great thing about it it works worldwide so enjoy guys!!!

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How To Enter In Iphone Giveaway To Win One

Enter to Win A Brand New Iphone Get Free Iphone

Hello guys!

Im here to answer your questions about how to win Iphone for free.

You probably asking if this is possible?Well it is and its not hard to enter and win its opposite very easy!

Let me show you how:

You need to enter your details and submit application which takes 1-3 minutes and youre done!

After that they will contact you if you are eligble to win one! The offer is open worldwide and anyone can enter to win a brand new Iphone 6s straight from apple factory new and sealed! This firms are one of the largest advertising sites for apple products and offer alot of stuff from apple to test and keep for yourself, you just need to enter your details and wait for them to respond which takes within 24 hours after you submit application!

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How To Get Free Iphone Online

Enter to Win A Brand New Iphone Get Free Iphone

Many people out there are looking for free offers for iphone cell phones, well you probably asking yourself if its possible to get one for free to test and keep iphone?

I can say that there are few firms who are giving away free iphone 6s to test and keep!

In order to enter application you need to fill out details like name, address, phone number and if you are elible after you submit application they contact you via email or phone.

After you submit application and enter to win a brand new iphone, after you get one you have to write your oppinion of Iphone and send them!

Questions are like whats your experience with Iphone, what you think will work better if we change it and in order to submit application you need to give a grade and your feedback is going in database for other offers.

They could be very generous when it comes to giving Iphones for free because they need regular user feedback and we are talking about big companies which work worldwide and always looking for people with different opinions and different point of view who are thinking outside the box, if we talk about comparison with other firms they always look for advices and thats why Apple factory is one of the best selling firm for iphone in the world!

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iPhone Tips & Tricks – How to Implement Them

Enter to Win A Brand New Iphone Get Free Iphone

When it comes to the world of online tips, you’re probably already aware that they’re not always easy to implement. This is especially true if you’re an amateur iPhone junkie and don’t have a lot of experience in using electronics.

Using online tips can be great, but unless you already know how to implement them, they’re not going to do you much good.

That’s why it’s not only important to deliver some great tips for better using your iPhone, but to give you advice in actually implementing them and seeing that they actually get some practical use in your own life.

That’s exactly what this article’s setting out to do.

Step One: Find Good Sources for your Tips

This page is a good source for your tips, but we’re not going to leave you with just one source. Sites like Cnet can offer you tips and tricks for the iPhone that come from a multitude of sources – you simply have to browse through them and find which ones might actually help you save time or money. Here’s a little hint: don’t search for tips that you don’t actually see yourself using anytime soon. Just go for the tips that would actually enhance the way you use your iPhone.

Having a good source for your tips means checking out the domain you’re visiting. You’re probably going to Google or Yahoo “iPhone tips” at one point, which means you could be shown any sort of different sites. How do you know which ones are good sources? Take a look at the domain: many times, the sheer professionalism of the web site itself is a good clue into how good the tips might be. When people go through the effort to create videos and genuinely seem interested in putting out good content, then you have a good idea that the tips will work well.

Step Two: Implement the Tips Despite Obstacles

As odd as it may seem, even small iPhone tips won’t always work right away. Your skill level with the iPhone is one factor, but there are other factors at play that could delay your progress. Have you ever tried to learn how to tie a particular tie knot online? It’s a difficult thing to teach online in many occasions, and you might have tried the knot at home with little success. Here’s the crucial question: did you give up or did you see the implementation through to its conclusion? In other words, did you tie the knot? Believe it or not, a lot of people will find good tips online but, thanks to their frustration, won’t actually implement them.

When it comes to the iPhone, you don’t want to fall in this trap. Even if a tip’s instructions are confusing, a little persistence might get you to actually understand what the author of the tip was getting at. Keep going and stick with the tip until you find out how it actually works in your life.

Step Three: Stick to Free Tips

It’s no surprise that free tips – and tips that don’t recommend expensive apps – will save you a lot of money. Be wary of the tips that recommend an app. Unless you’re sure that you’re going to get a lot of use out of that app, there might be no reason to invest money in it. Some apps are inexpensive, so you can use your own judgment on those. But try to find as many free tips and tricks as you can – many times, you’ll find free solutions that accomplish the same thing as the expensive tips.

Now you should be ready to put the tips you’ve found to good use. It might take a little work to improve from an iPhone newb to the next level, but you may find yourself glad you put in the effort.

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Six Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About the iPhone

Enter to Win A Brand New Iphone Get Free Iphone

If you’re anything like me, your iPhone never leaves your side, like an extra appendage. Since I use it so often for both business and personal reasons, I am constantly amazed at what the brainy people come up with, turning my iPhone into the best device in the World. When coworkers struggle to remove duplicate contacts, figure out what they need to do next, and find the.pdf document we’re talking about in the staff meeting, I’m sitting pretty with my iPhone.

I have a few favorite iPhone tips and tricks up my sleeve that some people don’t know about. I have six actually. My personal favourite is the application hContacts. With this application, I can get instant access to all my business contacts on my phone, yet keep them separated from my personal iPhone contact list. This eliminates a lot of frustration, and enables me to remove duplicate contacts and minimize error.

Like I said, I use the iPhone for both business and pleasure, and I’m always on the run, working from home, from my car, and of course, the office. So I use another application, OmniFocus, to keep me on track. It’s a web-syncing task manager that’s a sort of catch-all for to-do lists, ideas, and plans, which lets me track my activities. The context views of the program can show me all the phone calls I need to make, or all the errands I need to run. Which is considerably easier after hContacts did all that work to remove duplicate contacts.

Being a writer, I also make great use of Evernote, especially when I’m driving my car. The program lets me record voice notes which I can then sync with my PC. I keep little reminders of things I might need, or even where my husband was going to be that day. Have I mentioned I’m a little scattered? Most of the data in Evernote is inputted into the computer for use on the iPhone. I also use Evernote for taking notes at impromptu meetings.

And speaking of those meetings, have you ever been caught flat-footed without having printed the documents you need for a meeting? I store most of my active PDF and Excel files on my secret weapon: Basecamp. This handy little trick lets me view files stored online when not at my computer. Just a couple of clicks and voila – I’m voted best prepared employee. Well, if there was such a thing. I can also use it to assign tasks to coworkers when I’m on the go, which is easy now, remember, since hContacts helped me remove duplicate contacts.

Ewallet is another handy little app that not only keeps track of my passwords, it also remembers my security questions. We have all done it, and since I use a PC, not a Mac, it fits me perfectly.

For those times when I have finished my immediate tasks and want to catch up on some reading, there’s Instapaper. This little gem saves offline versions of any web page so I can access it on the subway, on a plane, or fly fishing in Alaska.

All of these work together as a system of keeping my life together. My iPhone is the glue. Of all the ways it has improved my life, I’d have to say that removing duplicate contacts from Address Books and other contact lists has made the biggest impact. There is software out there that can help you accomplish any task, and save you time and head space.

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